First and foremost, our goal is to improve your health, happiness and well being by providing quality dental services in a caring, comfortable, spa like environment.

Whatever the dental treatment, we will make you very comfortable. Our clients refer to us as a very  welcoming and comfortable office. We offer movies, music, paraffin treatments, back massage chairs and the list goes on to improve your dental experience. Imagine being pampered in a plush leather chair, relaxing listening to music or watching TV/ DVDs – while we provide quality care.

Dr. Bennett uses his experience and the latest technology to reduce or eliminate discomfort both during and after your visit. We use advanced anesthetics and other relaxation techniques to make each visit a pleasant, comfortable experience.

Natasha is shown above projecting an infectious smile that keeps people responding with a smile of their own…particularly other Pacific Coast Clients! They know exactly how good it feels to have a great smile too!