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dental office manager

Brooke is an experienced dental office manager with over a decade of background in the field. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of the dental practice. Brooke is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, managing schedules, and handling administrative tasks, allowing patients to have a positive and stress-free experience during their visits.

Known for her friendly demeanor and attention to detail, Brooke is passionate about helping patients feel comfortable and well-cared for from the moment they walk through the door. Her commitment to excellence and her deep understanding of dental procedures make her an invaluable member of the team, ensuring that the practice runs smoothly and efficiently.

Experience +10 Years+
Mobile +1 3333 *** 444
Services Management, Treatment Coordination, Insurance
Locations UMC Hospital Cebu Patient Care Center

I’m Professional and Completely
Certified Dentkl Counselor

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