At Pacific Coast Dental, we take care of you and your teeth without a judgemental attitude. We strive to provide a relaxed and informative procedure and our clients tell us we succeed…even the very nervous ones!

It is important to understand that a dental examination, or check-up as it is offered referred to, is more than just a procedure to look for cavities or if you require a cleaning. A thorough examination allows identification of all active factors that are capable of causing or contributing to the deterioration of oral health or function.

Dr. Bennett’s examination will assess:

Existing restorations, Existing prosthetics, Oral hygiene, Dental abcesses, Dental arches, Mobility of the teeth, Decay (caries) index, Periodontium (gums), Recession & sensitivity, Occlusion (bite), Interferences, Excessive wear, Soft tissue pockets, Relationship of teeth, TMJ syndrome, Missing teeth, Cosmetic appearance, Soft tissue lesions, Medical complications, & possibily other pertinent information.

It may be Kim who will greet you on your first visit to Pacific Coast Dental. Kim has been an integral part of putting clients at ease for several years now. Ask her if she is happy with her smile makeover and her winning smile will speak for itself! (Shown right)